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Provider solutions with more features to automate tasks, reduce costs, control delinquencies, monitor your network, and more.

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Main module of the Gerenet System, responsible for System Core, Billing, Finances and Networks. It makes the integration between networks and the financial one, according to the plans of access and other services pretas. It encompasses fiscal management and cash flow.

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Financial control

Gerenet works with an advanced system in financial control of your provider. All information is accessed in an easy and dynamic way.

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Logical Integration

Enable unified management of activations, deadlocks, late billing warnings, graphs, routers backup, network monitoring, and more.

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Go beyond just viewing delinquent invoices. Get complete billing tracking and full control of contact attempts. Send with a click, and more.

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100% web

Gerenet ISP was created in the highest technology in WEB programming. The interface provides easy access to all modules and system features.

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years of expertise

For almost three decades, our business is to produce systems and solutions for telecom companies.

"The most complete system of the Brazilian market of 2018"

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Geremap is a GIS (Georeferencing System) accessible via the web for the logical design and localization of telecommunications structures. A pioneering tool in the market that goes beyond the demands of just visualizing and drawing, it allows the effective control of the functioning of the elements of networks and information for the sectors of its provider.

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It encompasses all the logistics of movement and equipment of your company. Tracking and integration controls with networks. Control of equity. Import and invoice generation required. Control of warehouses and product localization. Integration with the network allows effective access to information.

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Application with access via cell phone and tablet to control technical services, for distribution of tasks of street teams. Integrated with Gereisp and Geremap, it facilitates complete order-of-service management, status monitoring and routes. It also has a photographic registry of installation and maintenance, monitors the execution time and capture of signature digitally.

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Innovative monitoring tool for company management. Allows graphical analysis of the auditable information generated in the use of the other tools. Simple and attractive interface, allows the deepening in the management, facilitating the decision making.

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Thank you for knowing Gerenet and its solutions, since 1992, developing telecom, we have been looking for incredible telecom companies like yours. Now is the time to get to know you better, I hope our team will serve you with the utmost excellence.

Axel Melo, CEO and Founder of Gerenet Tecnologia.