About Us

Since 1992, one of the first systems focused on pay TV developed in Brazil. Since 2001, with the growth in the demand for internet provision, we have developed the management of the integrated network for subscriber service.

Our mission is to develop systems that add management and systems technology to client companies according to the new needs of the market.


Innovation is a priority at Gerenet and we know that a variety of perspectives are critical to creating better products.

Our team

We are an organization where people of different backgrounds and backgrounds do their best work, a place where all our Gereneters feel they belong to them.


Our company compiles with the values ​​of ethics, equality and excellence. We have expertise in telecommunications since 1992, we believe in the evolution of our employees.

Our Story

It all started when Axel Melo, CEO of Gerenet Tecnologia, began programming computers at the age of 10 in 1982, the pioneering era of 8-bit microcomputers using the Basic language. Since 1987 he has been involved in the development of systems for Pay-TV, developing administrative routines for the first Cable TV in the Country in Presidente Prudende, SP. In 1992, he produced the first version of Gerenet, in the Clipper language .

Since 2001, he has developed routines for network management, using as distribution, from 1998, Debian Linux. Gerenet WISP currently supports clients with network solutions in Freebsd, Debian and Mikrotik.

In 2001, the first WEB version of Gerenet WISP was finalized. In 2004, developed the system network module.

Today the system has more modules, which will allow the full development of your company. We are in constant evolution.