Truth mapping for your telecom

Geremap is a GIS (Geo-Referencing System) developed by Gerenet Tecnologia. Accessible via web, for the logical design and location of telecommunications network structures. Ideal for companies that want an advanced control of the equipment used in the network, without giving up the ease and practicality.

Geremap 4

Full mapping

Use different structures like Posts, Towers, Rack, Conteiner, Inbox, Subscriber’s Place, have absolutely every physical network stuck!

Integrated commercial

Create areas and delimit your service area, instrumentalisando the commercial sector, which will assist mainly in technical feasibility.

Geremap + Gereisp

With the new Asset Control module, document the investment made in network equipment. Through stock movement, have noted where each equipment purchased from suppliers should be.

Record returns for repair or exchange with equipment distributors. Have in your system all the storage places of items, even the warehouses in transit and collection of facilities. Differentiate the sale from the exit to the asset. Identify a return by exchange of withdrawal.

By integrating with Gerenet ISP or your preferred management software, you can identify where each subscriber is.

Separate the network by areas, registering each city or district of the company. Record the availability of each distribution box or access point. Share the best signal distribution point with the sales force or technical support staff.

Document each optical fiber, indicating its origin and destination. List each distribution box for each source fiber and the destination network element on its correct port. Have the route of the internet packages, from the gateway of the operator to the final subscriber, registering your CPE, indicating your equipment.

Use color diagrams, for real representation of each fiber, obtaining the approximate distance of each pole, facilitating the location through tests with OTDR. Record the natural losses of the network, recording in dB, facilitating the elaboration of the entire project.

The system allows you to document and control PON fiber optic networks, as well as register the other network standards: Wireless, UTP, Cable, or HFC.

Geremap GIS is 100% Web! Access and update your network information from anywhere, choose whether to store the system in your infrastructure or in our cloud!

Visual map of the entire network

Full optical mapping

Mapping radio links

Full equity control

Location of subscribers

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Thank you for getting to know Gerenet and its solutions. Since 1992, we have been looking for incredible telecommunications companies like yours. Now is the time to get to know you better, I hope our team will serve you with the utmost excellence.

Axel Melo, CEO and Founder of Gerenet Tecnologia.