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Transform your provider's management into results

Gerenet systems automate processes, aid decision making and facilitate the management of all areas of your internet provider.

Financial control

Gerenet works with an advanced system in financial control of your provider. All information is accessed in an easy and dynamic way.


Go beyond just viewing delinquent invoices. Get complete billing tracking and full control of contact attempts. Send with a click, and more.

Logical Integration

Enable unified management of activations, deadlocks, late billing warnings, graphs, routers backup, network monitoring, and more.

100% web

Gerenet ISP was created in the highest technology in WEB programming. The interface provides easy access to all modules and system features.

"The most complete system of the Brazilian market of 2018"

Revista RTI

Our team

Team with more than 25 years of expertise, focused on supporting your company in achieving goals of growth and technological evolution.

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